I founded MetroFresh with the notion that fresh, healthy, and creative food should not be out of reach for the casual diner. With a daily menu of soups, salads, sandwiches, breakfast entrees, “after work” small plates (Uptown), and dinner entrees (Midtown,) MetroFresh uses the freshest in-season ingredients, locally grown and organic when possible, to build unexpected flavor combinations you don’t often find at a fast-casual cafe.

Our mission has always been to create a friendly “oasis” where our guests can take a break from their hectic lives. “People are going to come for delicious, healthy food,” I told my original crew in 2005, “but they’ll come back because they had a great experience.”

You’ll notice alongside the “FOOD” below, a column of “THOUGHTS.” I’ve always believed MetroFresh would succeed because it’s a personal and communal experience. That very first day when I sent out a mass email with our daily menu, I began with a personal story about how I loved fresh food as a child. I’ve started every day after that writing down these random thoughts about food, family, and life. I’ve been doing it as a daily ritual for so many years I figure, why stop now? I hope you enjoy it. And I hope you come see us.

Mitchell Anderson, Founder and Creative Chef