Friday, October 31, 2014

hello, metrofreshuals!

Come see the "SuperFresh" team today!  The day crew has donned super hero tees since they are Super Fresh!   Happy Halloween.

I wish I had more fun Halloween stories from my past.  I've already told the Great Pumpkin story.  It bears repeating, but I'm always afraid of people rolling their eyes when I bring things up again.  And invariably, since this is our 9th Halloween together, you've, no doubt, heard about the Great Pumpkin.  So if you have, and don't care to read on, skip down to the menu.

In the days before high tech blow up Halloween Decor, and RIP graves you can purchase at pop up holiday stores, my dad made our very own Great Pumpkin.  Cut out of two pieces of plywood, painted a bright pumpkin oranges with black triangle eyes, nose and mouth, this was the hit of the neighbhood.  Candy would "magically" appear from a PVC pipe in the mouth of the "great one."  It was an engineering feat to get the candy from my sisters room on the second floor down two 90 degree angles and into awaiting pillow cases.  It didn't work all that well, so we usually ended up standing behind the thing and pushing candy out with our hands.

My favorite element was an old fashion intercom my mother used to normally to call us up from the basement playroom for dinner.  On this night, it was positioned behind The Great One, and we'd spend the night making spooky noises.  Oh it was fun.  And on this day, I always just remember the effort mom and dad went to to fill our lives with fun.  

Prepping today and tomorrow for a big catering gig tomorrow night and then our own COOKING FOR VINCENT event on Sunday.  I can take about 2 more people.  I'm over my original 50, but I do have enough Oso Bucco for about 56!  If you want to make a last minute reservation give us a call.

Chicken Matzo Ball soup today, of course.  Come see us and stay warm.


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