Monday, July 28, 2014

hello, metrofreshuals!

Ah, only one more work day until Sarah and I embark on our trip to St. Thomas.  It seems like we booked this trip SO long ago!  Alas, It's finally here.  Neither one of us has ever been to the US virgin islands, and we are incredibly excited!  Especially since we literally staying right on the most beautiful beach on the island.  We are both packing our Kindle Paperwhites, and planting ourselves in the sand.  Hoping to get lost in the ocean air, crashing waves and literature.  It's funny, as you grow older, the things that excited you about a vacation no longer apply.  When you're in your twenties, you try to cram as many activites in a short amount of time as possible.  I sure remember doing that, in fact, I usually came more tired than when I left.  Now a days, I'm happy to just sit and do nothing on vacation.  Heck, we haven't made ANY plans.  I might do some ocean fishing, but that's not even set in stone.  Either way, we are super excited.  We will see you in a week!  


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