Tuesday, August 04, 2015

hello, metrofreshuals!

Hiya! Sarah here. Mitchell was so busy with SEVEN catering orders this morning that he was not able to send out the blog . I mean, talk about ninja moves in the kitchen. I'm pretty sure he didn't even break a sweat. I guess we are so used to Catering Tuesday's ( as we like to call them) that we just get in a mode and everything runs smoothly.

So Mitchell's job is done and it is  my turn to make sure that all the orders get to their destinations at the correct time. I sent Ray with the downtown and midtown orders which of course he ran out with a breeze. I took the Howell Mill and Morningside orders. Morningside was easy but the Howell Mill order is the tricky one. We have wonderful regulars at Cancer Wellness(shout out to Carolyn) who order from us often. I'm talking 3+ orders per week. They love them some Metrofresh. I swear though, the loading dock ramp is a challenge. It is basically a maze with an incline. Picture me, 5 ft 2, 120ish pounds pushing a cart with lunch and dinner for 30 people around sharp corners without dropping a single morsel of food. I was pretty impressed with myself. smile Anyway, I did it. I think we all deserve a symbolic pat on the back. 

All I have to say is OH MAN, THE BRUSSELS SPROUTS TODAY! Come in and try it! I would suggest getting the Chilled White Grape Gazpacho and the Brussels. It's not always about hot soups!

Have a good day and stay cool!



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