Sunday, February 26, 2017

hello, metrofreshuals!

What?  Poppa in the kitchen on a Sunday?  He NEVER works on Sunday, and he NEVER takes a turn behind the griddle.  Well, today is different and I'll be flipping eggs all day!  I like presenting myself with a challenge once in a while.  While I don't guarantee I'm as fast as Rockstar, or as precise as Mabel, I am not bad at it.  I've done it a few times, and everything comes out great.  Now, if you happen to be waiting a couple minutes extra for your delicious brunch entrees, enjoy the conversation with your friends and remember this - you don't live in Aleppo!  It's going to be a great brunch so I hope you'll come see me.

Last night Richie and I went to the annual Art Papers auction.  It was well attended - had to be 500 people there.  The art was pretty good, although I have to admit, there were one or two pieces that didn't look like they took much thought.  There was one in particular.  And if you can tell me the "meaning" I'd be happy to hear it.  It was a green and blue windbreaker hanging by a thumbtack to the wall.  I'm not kidding you.  There was a card next to it the named it "continuance" or something like that, and even a blurb about the "artist."  I'm thinking the guy told them he'd donate a piece to the show and then forgot that he'd promised one.  The day came for them to pick it up, and he said, "Holy sh*t!  Here, put my jacket up and call it something like "Continuity" or "Generation" and call it art.  Hm, didn't work for me, but then I'm not a student of art.

Have a great day and I know you'll be rooting for LA LA LAND to land all the Academy Awards tonight.  See you in the cafe!

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