Tuesday, April 23, 2019

hello, metrofreshuals!

Well, it finally happened.  The weather seems just right for the first cold soups of the season!  On the menu today is Watermelon Gazpacho!  There'll be a limited supply so if you're in the mood come early to make sure you get some. 

Rockstar is off today and tomorrow enjoying some quality time with Beth, his mom.  I'm not sure what's on their ajenda, but I'm sure it's going to be fun just hanging out.  I'm working hard, banking hours this week so I'm free for my weekend jaunt to Asheville, NC where Colin Bristow, my nephew, will marry Samantha Collins.  I like the idea she'll be Mrs. Colin Collins-Bristow.  Actually, I have no idea if they're hyphanating or not, but don't you think they should?

In other news, I cooked dinner last night.  And, I must say, without a ton of practice of late, I did pretty well on a pretty busy night!  I hope y'all are enjoying the new menu.  It seemed popular yesterday.

Come see us and enjoy the weather!


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