Saturday, August 30, 2014

hello, metrofreshuals!

Well last night was another catering triumph for the MetroFresh catering team.  We served delicousness to the Lovely Jana and the Handsome Matt on the eve of their wedding.  It was really a nice event and I have to say, catering for people who appreciate MetroFresh and what we do is just so nice.  Since event catering is a large undertaking for us and our infrustructure is minimal, it makes a difference when it's appreciated.  We wish Matt and Jana all the best on their wedding day.

Everything would have been great had it not been for the interrupted slumber of yours truly by the unruly and very loud evening revelers who returned to my house at 1:30 after their night out.  Our friends from San Francisco, who we visited last weekend and who are considering  a move to Atlanta, were apparently wined and dined and then some.  They were obviously getting the A-plus treatment and being shown all the hot spots.  But somehow all of the above intruders forgot that someone in the house had to rise at 4:45.  I assume and hope they had a good time, but when I was trying for a couple hours to return to dreamworld, I was calculating a jury's reaction to multiple homicides.  Justified or no?

Anyway, alls well, and we have a great menu for you today with some faves like trail mix, Kale and an Israeli Couscous, all of which would be great for a Labo Day Weekend party.  We'll be open until 4pm today and then have a couple days of rest.  We re-open at 7am Tuesday morning.  Come see.  


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