Tuesday, July 29, 2014

hello, metrofreshuals!

Headshots are horrible things.  Maybe not for some, but for me.  Back in the day, a good headshot could get you in the door - get you that audition that could change your life.  I don't think casting directors even looked at resumes.  After all, that would have required them to read.  We all know that's not gonna happen.  So the headshot played the starring role.  I hated getting them done.  I was one of those actors who just didn't really like having my picture taken.  There was too much stress involved.  What am I going to wear?  Will I look brooding and sexy or cute and happy?  When they shot on film?  Forget about it.  You'd always be taking your chances!

Richie is a great photographer.  I mean you should see the shots he does.  But for some reason, every time someone needs a head shot of me now, mostly for publicity, I can NEVER find one I like.  We've tried - repeatedly.  I have no doubt that it has to do with my advancing age.  But really?  That's the best I can do?  I think perhaps the last few years may have stresssed me out a tad.  I know when I get stress and sleep deprived, my face goes into attack mode!  It hurts me to look in the mirror.  So maybe now that I'm a little more relaxed about life and with my newfound interest in working out, I'll schedule a session in front of the lens.  Maybe I'll just tell him to put gauze in front of the lens and call it a day.  We'll see.

Come have a great lunch or dinner with us.  You'll love the salads in the case.  I'm especially fond of the farro and lady peas.  Have a nice day.


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