Saturday, August 19, 2017

hello, metrofreshuals!

AND THE WISE MEN SIDE, THE EARTH SHALL DARKEN, AND DAY WILL BECOME NIGHT!  Yes, my friends, the total eclipse is happening just about 48 hours from the time you'll read this.  As it happens, I will be turning 56 on the same day.  Nice of Richie to arrange an eclipse for my birthday, right?  We'll be up in Northeast South Cacalakee since we invited ourselves to our friends lake house for the event.  It's right in the path of totality.  So in addition to drinking a celebratory Bloody Mary around 2pm, we'll be in our eclipse glasses in wide eyed wonderment of the solar system.  We're coming back Tuesday, so it's just a quick trip.  But as I prepare the restaurant for Monday, I don't know whether to plan for a light day, with everyone, like us traveling north.   Or a heavy day, with the "left overs" staying put in town, and watching the eclipse from the Beltline and Piedment Park.  These are things one has to consider when one owns a restaurant.  Hm.  What to do.

Anyway, come see us today.  We're trying a bit of an experiment.  Instead of Tuna Salad, we have some 4oz pieces of dill roasted Canadian salmon.  We have to charge $1 more, but they look beautiful and will be a nice bit of protein to go with your green salad or kale.  Have a great weekend and don't look directly at the sun!

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