Monday, October 24, 2016

hello, metrofreshuals!

Well, it's official.  Jeff and Callie Dauler are married.  The wedding was Saturday night and, as expected, it was epic!  As you may or may not know, I was asked to officiate.  What an honor!  Naturally, since I'm a "good student" I was super prepared.  I feel like I sent them off into their married life in the right way.  The ceremony had a mix of humor and seriousness.  Hopefully I got that mix right.  I think I did.  And according to the instant polls of wedding guests I'm pretty sure I hit all the right notes.  Jeff and Callie couldn't have been sweeter or more beautiful.  My favorite part was when Jeff answered his intention to marry with "Hash tag - I do!"  Jenn Hobby, Jeff's Star 94 radio partner, who was one of the grooms'- persons, sent me a text this morning letting me know they were going to play the entire service, start to finish, on air.  I have to say, since I had to keep my own emotions somewhat in check on the night -  I had an important job to do, it was kind of emotional hearing it on air.  I'm not sure how many times in the history of radio, especially a morning "drive time" program has ever spent 25 precious minutes on a wedding ceremony.  That was pretty cool.

I'll share with you just two lines of the service.  When I wrote them I reminded myself how important they are in my own marriage.  "Will you be generous with your humor and stingy with your anger?  Do you promise to listen to him without judgment, giving him advice when you can and staying silent when you should?"  Do those two things at home with your partner and you'll have a happy relationship!  So, you're welcome.  

So on to this week.  Great soups on the stove today including our famous Lambsagna Soup!  And Rockstar is in the kitchen tonight cooking up some delicious entrees. He sent me his entrees "sans" garnishes, which he'll create once he gets in.  Just FYI!  They'll be great as usual.   Come see us and have an awesome day.


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