Friday, October 21, 2016

hello, metrofreshuals!

Wow - the people really turned out for last night's Fourth Annual GradyFresh cabaret on the patio!  I'm pretty sure we've never had so many people in the restaurant at one time.  Don't tell the fire marshals, please.  It was an awesome night.  So sweet, and so much of what I love about MetroFresh.  The kids did a great job entertaining the crowds, people really stepped up to bid on the live and silent auction items, and we sold lots of food.  Which means we'll be adding to the total with a nice donation from the home office (that's the MetroFresh team!)  The only sad thing was I didn't win the wine raffle, which is a tragedy.  Thanks to the whole Grady mom (and dad) team.  They did an awesome job - you should have seen that silent auction table.  And thanks to all my MetroFreshuals who came yesterday to show their support for Music in schools.

Tonight is Jeff and Callie's (soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Dauler) rehearsal dinner.  I'm officiating the ceremony - my second in as many months.  Maybe I have a new career.  Who knows?  I can say that the service is in the book so I'm ready to go.  It should be a fun weekend.  

Matzo Ball soup is on the menu today people.  No doubt our "International Woman of Mystery" will be calling from an undisclosed remote location to order a few quarts.  Seriously, one time she called from China!  I'm not kidding.  And as a bonus, it's really the first day that it actually feels like fall.  Come see us.


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