Saturday, October 25, 2014

hello, metrofreshuals!

Ah, Saturday morning.  So nice and peaceful in here until the peeps arrive.  I put on old timey music, well not that old, and just sing while I work.  It's so nice.

Ok, so we went to GONE GIRL last night, and while it is a very good movie, well directed and very well acted, it creeped me out just a little too much.  I'm not going to lie to you.  Richie and I so rarely go to the movies that when we do, we tend to go to chick flicks!  I know, how boringly obvious.  If Julia or pre-plastic Meg are in it?  We're there!  I hate that heebee jeebee feeling when you walk out of the theatre.  I'm glad I saw it, but I'll be looking forward to INTO THE WOODS, which is more my speed.

Tonight is the Jerusalem House Party at the W Midtown.  I've been asked to judge the costume contest.  I've decided to send Mr. Henry instead.  He made a surprise appearance at last year's Halloween spooktacular at the Goat Farm.  He was such a hit I thought I would see if he would grace us with his presence once again.  I can't fully describe him, because your internet filters would block the message, but let's just say, he wouldn't last too long on the streets on any other day of the year!  He's kind of a creepy creeperson, but he's really funny!  One has to wonder what Jovita Moore, another judge will say sitting next to Mr. H.

Lots of great soups in the cooler for the soup sale.  Breakfast is served until 1pm on Saturdays so come have a Rockstar Burrito - today it's chicken, sopressata, mushroom and onion with cheddar and eggs, or have a Sarah's Paleo Friendly Special with Italian Sausage, Yellow onions and peppers with Arugula, Eggs, and Avocado!  Or if you're looking for something sweet and seasonal - pecan pumpkin pancakes topped with bananas!  YUM

Tio Miguel is making Paella tonight.  Stop in before you go to you Halloween Parties.  Carb up so you can have fun!!!


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