Thursday, April 28, 2016

hello, metrofreshuals!

Small successes.  That's what today is all about.  There are always about one million things to do when you own a business.  There are always about one million things that need little fixes.  The list is long, and sometimes the simplest task takes forever because the right tool is in your toolbox at home, or you went to Home Depot and didn't buy the exact right part.  Good news!  I tackled number 1 on my list and finished the job before 8:30.   It may not seem like a big thing, and certainly it isn't.  But the toiled paper holder in the men's bathroom has been driving me crazy for weeks now.  One of the brackets was loose and the roll was not staying put.  The problem had to do with the anchor, which I replaced a few months ago.  This morning, I made a quick trip to Home Depot, purchased a new "toggle" anchor, and screwed that thing in tighter than ... (fill in your own analogy here!)  Success!  And doesn't it feel good.

Now you may look at this as a trivial thing.  But think of all those little things that pile up in your life - the things you put on your list that keep getting moved to the next day.  The list grows and grows, and suddenly feels insurmountable.  But the only way to move forward is by ticking off each item on the list.  And when you do, there is a sweet satisfaction in successfully completing even the smallest chore.   And that's how I feel now.  You see?  Small successes.  Who knows?  Maybe by the end of the day, I'll have had lots more and I'll feel just peachy!  Wish me luck.

With that, I hope y'all will have a successful day.  And of course spend part of it with us at MetroFresh.  Rockstar made a black lentil salad today.  That sounds great!  And Tio Miguel is doing rack of lamb with yogurt mint sauce tonight.  OMG.  I'm hungry.  Come see us.


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