Tuesday, November 25, 2014

hello, metrofreshuals!

As late as Thanksgiving is this year, it seems amazing to me we are already there!  Richie and I will be flying out this afternoon with the rest of the world, headed to mid/south Florida for an Anderson Family reunion.  Everyone will be there (except maybe for Colin, a dive master/captain in Grand Caymen, who has not gotten permission to leave the island.  My sister Kris is not giving up hope.  But Hope will be there with her signif other, Ben.  Hope and Richie bonded last summer at Camp Pathfinder so he's super excited to take long walks on the beach with her to discuss family matters!)  It'll be fun with all the kids, one of whom I've never even met.  My first grand niece Lilian was born a year ago and we just haven't had the opportunity to get to Vermont to meet her in person.  Can't wait to hold that little angel!

No doubt Mom and Dad will rally and be great for as long as they can, then collapse in sweet tired happiness after we all leave.  We haven't all been together for about three years, so it's time.  We'll even have special guest stars from Jamestown.  Our long time family friend George Griffin, who's wife and our dear "Aunt" Jinny passed away this summer, is coming down with my fourth "sister" Cilla, his daughter.  This will be their first holiday without Aunt Jinny and we need to wrap them in Anderson family love.

We'll be open tomorrow regular hours and then taking Thursday AND Friday off so my staff can enjoy a couple free days with their families.

In menu news...  I've made a Southwest Lobster and Corn Chowder!  Add $2 per bowl, and $4 per quart.  I also have a Maple Sage Butternut Squash on the stove, which will be perfect as a light Thanksgiving starter so take home a quart or two.  In the case there is still some delicuos Cranberry Apple Relish with just a hint of fresh ginger and rosemary to accompany your turkey.  On tomorrows menu will be a couple cold sides you can take home as well.

Today is the last day to buy tickets for DRIVING NORMAL the cool indie film that will be screened at Midtown Art Cinema on Wednesday December 3.  Buy tickets at https://www.tugg.com/events/11921.  And come to MetroFresh before the movie and enjoy 10% off your dinner.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.  Rockstar will be here tonight and then again tomorrow morning.  He'll have you covered.  I'll be back on Monday.


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