Thursday, July 24, 2014

hello, metrofreshuals!

I'm not going to lie to you.  The 52 (soon to be 53) year old body is a wee sore today.  I've renewed my commitment to excercise over the last couple of days.  I know, not really something to brag about.  But I think part of the reason one puts it off is the soreness you get from starting.  I've only been to the Piedmont Park tennis backboard three times, so it's not "all that."  And I only last 45 minutes tops, but it's a start and the blisters on my right hand and my somewhat sore right shoulder are proof that I'm actually doing something.

Being on the slimmer side, I have gotten away with just the physicality of my job.  I'm on my feet, carrying heavy things, running around the kitchen many hours a week.  But that's not aerobic, and it's not "working out."  I'm kind of looking forward to that time when it's all endorphins and not so much pain!  

On the tennis front - I am looking for hitting partners.  The backboard is going to get old pretty quickly.   At the risk of sounding like a singles add on Craig's List, here are my stats.   I have been playing tennis since I was about 7 years old.  I went to tennis camp when I was 13 and learned really pretty ground strokes which I've never really lost.  I never played on a team, but played recreationally for most of my life (until I opened up a restaurant and had no free time!)  I even played celebrity tournaments all over the country when I was on TV.  Back in the glory days I'd say I was a 4.5 player but now, who knows.  I'm probably around a 3.5, but will be a 4 in no time!  Seeking same.  Just kidding, but would love to hit with someone who is my level or just a little better.  I'm deffinitely able to rally with most anyone so if you're really good, you won't be bored!    If you're interested, shoot me an email.  I'm really trying to find the time to do it. 

Ok, so come see us today.  We're here until 10pm and the menu looks awesome!  Have a good one.


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