Monday, October 05, 2015

hello, metrofreshuals!

So I think one of the sweetest things about last night is that my best friend from childhood, David Palmer and his son Andrew, were here.  I've told you about David before - he and I were pretty much the nerd duo in school.  We pushed each other to get the best education, we were the guys who the teachers loved, and when we got our drivers licenses we "challenged each other to always wear our seatbelts!"  You get the idea.  I woke up this morning imagining what the MetroFresh 10th anniversary party and book signing was like through his eyes.

I imagine he noticed the love and joy that was in the room from Richie and me, for sure, but from my amazing staff, and all of you who came.  I most definitely saw the excitement with which many of you bought my new book, some of you in multiples (one of my longtime customers bought 17 and has her Christmas shopping done!)  But mainly, what I expect he realized was that MetroFresh is an awesome place, started by me ten years ago, yes, but built day by day, month by month, year by year, into this wonderful space where all types of people can come together and be nourished.  Body and soul.  Yes, I know I'm putting words in his mouth, images in his eyes, and thoughts in his brain, but since I've known him for nearly 50 years, I feel like I can do that.  Because that's what I saw.  

Over the years, this is what I have been most proud of - that MetroFresh reflects the neighborhood in which we live.  We're so lucky to be based in this awesome neighborhood in the middle of a big vibrant city.  It makes us feel like we live in a small town.  Thank you to Rockstar for taking charge of the food, and thank you to the rest of my staff for staying late after their busy Sunday shift to help set up, help serve, and then help clean up.  Let's give them all a big hand!

Sorry for the long email, but ten years does that to you.  Listen, if you're reading this from your remote Canadian village (or somewhere not so remote just away from Atlanta) you should know you can get the Cookbook on line by clicking the "buy the cookbook" tab that's just to the right of this blog.  Or by following the link -  And of course if you live here in Atlanta, we'll have them in the store from now until forever!  Come see us.  


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