Sunday, April 22, 2018

hello, metrofreshuals!

Morning MetroFreshuals.  Another Sunday and another rainy day.  Not to worry.  It's still a good day to get out of the house and come to MetroFresh for Brunch.  This is day nine of my ten days in a row.  Not too bad.  I am only slightly weary, as my grandmother used to say.  It's nothing like 12 years ago when I was pulling 6 fourteen hour days in a row week after week.  Rockstar and Sarah will be getting back from their fab vacay in Colombia this evening.  I can't wait to hear the play by play of their trip.  From the occasional texts that came into my i-phone it seems they couldn't stop having fun and eating great food.  You of course will benefit from a well rested GM and Exec Chef, AND you'll get the added bonus of tasting many new flavors from Cartagena.

Richie and I had a lovely night at the Theatrical Outfit's annual gala.  The best part was actually grabbing a glass of wine at Ted's Montana Grill across from the Tabernacle before the event.  It was packed with pre-concert goers.  We ended up talking to an aweseme family from Buford who trekked in to see Pink at Phillips.  We chatted for half an hour and were new best friends by the time we said goodbye.  They even promised to come see the screening of my show on May 1st.  I love it when you make connections with people in random settings.  I feel like if you're open to it, you get to meet great folks in all sorts of places.  

Anyhoo - come see us today.  Yukari and Jaime will be taking over the kitchen a little later so I can have a little bit of a day off.  And then I'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning.  Have a great Sunday.

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