Our Chefs

Mitchell Anderson

Founder and Owner

In October of 2005, Mitchell opened the original MetroFresh, where ever since he has served as head chef, general manager, catering guru, busboy, greeter-in-chief, and, at times, delivery boy.  A native of Jamestown, NY, Mitchell received a BA in Theatre at Williams College and went on to study acting at The Juilliard School in New York City.  For nearly twenty years, Anderson worked in film, television and on stage as a professional actor, most notably in popular the television series, DOOGIE HOWSER, MD, and PARTY OF FIVE.  In 2002, Anderson moved to Atlanta and left show business behind. 

Having spent most of his life as an amateur cook, Anderson discovered he could take his love of food and translate it into a second career.  He sought the guidance of a mentor in Jennifer Levison, owner/chef of the very popular Buckhead eatery, Souper Jenny.  Under her tutelage, Mitchell took his “at home” cooking experience, learned a new artistic, creative approach to food and how the restaurant business worked.  After nearly three years in the kitchen with Jennifer, she gently nudged him on his way to create his own restaurant and MetroFresh was born. 

Anderson began writing the MetroFresh Daily Email the first day MetroFresh opened in Midtown.  The daily musings about the restaurant, food, family, friends, current events and tales from his childhood have personalized the MetroFresh experience.  The blog has become an everyday ritual for many loyal customers and is even read by fans all across the country. 

Mitchell is active in local theatre and is a supporter of many local charities. 

Bryan Kraatz

Executive Chef

At MetroFresh, Brian is known as “Rockstar”, since he is a rock star both in and out of the kitchen.  Bryan fronted the indie rock band Dear Enemy. Since January of 2007, Bryan has flexed his impressive artistic muscles as Executive Chef in the MetroFresh kitchen.  Kraatz graduated with a degree in Culinary Arts from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in 2000.  A Western New York native, Bryan moved to Atlanta in 2002, and was immediately hired by the Buckhead Life Group, working at several of their Atlanta restaurants. 

What’s with the tattoos?

Bryan has a lifelong love for the work of the renowned artist and storyteller Maurice Sendak, and always felt kinship with the defiant, independent boys in stories like “Where the Wild Things Are” and “Chicken Soup With Rice” (his favorite dish, and specialty.) In the continual company of Sendak’s little guys, it’s no wonder Bryan chose to express himself through food... and making loud music. One of his earliest sentences was “Go away bean soup!” Ironically, he can make bean soup into poetry.

Bryan’s particular talent is clear with his ability to take a finite number of ingredients (there are only so many fruits and vegetables!) and put them together in a hundred different ways to create new and unusual taste combinations.   MetroFresh’s mission is fulfilled by building flavor combinations that can both challenge and comfort – a mission that Kraatz has taken on as his own.  Having studied world flavors extensively Rockstar creates each day’s menu so that anyone can “travel the world” in a single plate.

Miguel Navarette

Assistant Head Chef

Chef Miguel Navarette, known at MetroFresh as Tio Miguel takes the wheel of the kitchen five days a week at 2pm sharp.Born in Acapulco, Tio Miguel has been cooking all his life, and when you taste his mixed seafood paella you’ll know it’s true. He has worked at several Atlanta restaurants including Patio in Inman Park, Taverna Plaka, and most notably under Kevin Rathbun at Buckhead Diner. Tio Miguel’s fans are many. From Lobster Tacos to Seared Salmon, from Herb Stuffed Organic Chicken Breast with Parmesan Risotto or his famous Chicken Mole, Tio Miguel takes you on a culinary journey every night of the week. His plates a beautiful, his food is amazing and his smile is infectious.


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