MetroFresh is not a typical catering company. We are a restaurant that does catering. In fact, we didn’t set out to be a catering company at all. But after we opened the first MetroFresh, our regulars began to inquire whether we could bring our food to them. And bringing our food means bringing our philosophy. Because our menu changes to utilize fresh, seasonal ingredients, we have no “standard” menu. Instead, we work with each client, tailoring a menu to suit the season, the freshest available produce and meats, any unique dietary or culinary preferences, and the personality of the event.

We know that for many same-day catering opportunities, a client may want a tray of assorted sandwiches. That sort of order would be better fulfilled by a deli. At MetroFresh, we have a limited daily menu that usually features two sandwiches (as well as a selection of six soups and 8 specialty sides and salads). For that reason, we have an understanding with our clients that a same-day order will be limited to items on our menu, or chef’s choice.

For larger events, and with proper lead time, we are delighted to craft a menu specifically for your event, based on market availability. Our creativity is, in fact, why people love our catering. For example in summer of 2011, we were asked by a large corporation to create a custom menu for a sustainability luncheon. Rising to the challenge, we devised original dishes using the very same organic “ingredients” – corn, wheat, soybeans, they use in the research and development to replace fossil fuel based materials. We served everything with compostable plates and flatware.

Whether your crowd is 10 or 200, MetroFresh can offer you delicious creative fare, served with our signature relaxed, modern spirit. Even if your event is quite informal, it is bound to me memorable.


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