Monday, December 10, 2018

hello, metrofreshuals!

Happy to report I'm doing better!  I'm trying today, while I'm in the kitchen working, to stand on both legs with equal weight.  It has to be a conscious choice since I've become so used to favoring the good side, which now has started to feel the strain.  But since the bad side is feeling better it has to take up the slack - know what I mean?  

We did great last week with our DIG contribution.  With our dollar per quart and soup sale Saturday we're at $437, so I'll round today's donation up to $500!  Who'll match my $63?  Click HERE to give a little to our garden.  And come any time on Thursday this week.  Thursday is DIG DAY!  We'll be donating 10% of the whole day to get to our goal of $5000.  I'm sure we'll make it by then.  We'll get there and, if we go over,how cool would that be!!!!  Thursday night, Sarah Koch, DIG's Executive Director will be here to tell you more about the amazing work DIG does in Sub-Saharan Africa with at risk communities and she's bringing this amazing Virtual Reality short film for you to get a sense of the world we're helping.  It'll move you beyond belief.  Ben Deignan (pronounce DIG-nan!  get it?) is playing and Richie will be at the Wine Bar!  Come enjoy some holiday cheer for a great cause and put us way over the top.  


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