Thursday, September 03, 2015

hello, metrofreshuals!

I'm sure parents out there will sympathize with this story.  Richie and I have a new Wednesday and Thursday ritual.  Well, ok, maybe two weeks in a row doesn't make a ritual, but still.  Wednesdays and Thursdays are my weekday mornings when I'm not in the kitchen so I can sleep in a bit (still I wake up at 6am, but that's another story.)  We have a couple cups of coffee, watch our new best friend Chris Cuomo on CNN and then George over at GMA, and about 7:30 get up, shower, and get ready for work.  Then it's time to take the kids on a walk.  Now our kids are a big black old blind dog, Schotzi, and a little black adolescent dog, Lacey.  Both are awesome and we love them equally.  But walking them together is a challenge.  The new one is all about speed and efficiency.  She trucks along, occasionally stopping to sniff a few blades of grass, and very quickly finding a good place to do her b-ness.  The old one, not so much.   I think because of her sight, or maybe because she just older, she insists on taking her time.  She doesn't just sniff a spot, she lands on some twig, or tree trunk, or mailbox post and pretty much camps out.  Doing her b-ness is a production.   This means that Richie and Lacey are a good 20 feet ahead of Schotzi and me pretty much the whole walk.  No amount of tugging, cajoling, or screaming "COME ON! SCHOTZI!" does a lick of good.  So our family walk turns into two random guys waling their dogs down the street.

I expect this is what it's like to have multiple children of different ages.  And it's what I seem to remember about my childhood in a house of six kids.  There were always one or two who were, say, ready for church before the other ones.  Typically it was my sister Kris and me, the good kids, waiting as the others dragged their tired bottoms into the bedroom to change out of pajamas into church clothes.  And no amount of 'YOU GUYS, HURRY UP!" was going to make a lick of difference.  Oh well, such is life.  It's still nice to have a great family for walks in the mornings when I don't have to be at work at 5am.

I'll be having a personal betterment day today.  A much needed haircut is planned at The Richie Arpino Salon among other things.  But I'll be back in the kitchen tomorrow moring and Richie will be taking both dogs for a walk by himself - an even bigger challenge!

Come see us.  Don't forget we'll be closed at 4pm on Saturday through Monday night.  Have a great day.


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