Thursday, August 21, 2014

hello, metrofreshuals!

No time to write a long and involved August 21st, Poppa's birthday message.  We're a girld down in the kitchen and there's lots of catering going out the door so...

I'll just say I'm happy that I can celebrate another year with the great satisfaction that I live in such a happy place.  (Sounds a little like an insane assylum!)  When home, work, and life can give you such joy, how can you not be in a happy place.  Richie is whisking me away tomorrow morning for a great quicky weekend in San Francisco.  We'll only be gone until Monday, but between now and then we'll be eating great food, drinking great wine, walking the Golden Gate Bridge and visiting Sonoma Wine Country.  

Come celebrate Kenny Roger's Birthday with us.  Oh, yeah, I heard on the radio that it's his birthday today too.


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