Tuesday, July 07, 2015

hello, metrofreshuals!

Morning!  Well, we had a very nice Fourth of July weekend.  Probably had a better Saturday than Sunday simply because we took "full advantage" of Saturday so were incapacitated and couldn't take "full advantage" of Sunday if you know what I mean.  Nevertheless, reading on the chaise for 7 hours was completely what the Doctor ordered.

And then yesterday, Pino the cat, literally tried to drive me into the loony bin.  (And yes, I do know you're not ever supposed to use the word, literally.)  Richie and I drove separately this weekend.  I got home first with the cat.  Richie was about an hour behind me with the two dogs.  I let Pino our of the carrying case and went about my business unpacking the car, showering, and getting ready for work.  About 10 minutes after I got to work, Richie called me and said, "Where's Pino?"  

"In the house," I replied.  "No she's not, I've searched EVERYWHERE!" He said.  And here's where the spiral into craziness began because I knew, beyond a doubt, that while unpacking the car, I closed the door each time I went to the car.  There wasn't a chance she got out.  And I also know, she's not the kind of cat that darts out of an open door anyway.  So I went home, and sure enough she was nowhere to be found anywhere in our pretty small house.  We shook the food, we pulled out all the contents of one closet and no Pino.  We searched the bushes around the house and the neighbors, but still no Pino.  Resigned to a life without the cute little cat, I returned to work, leaving Richie heartbroken at home.  Well, an hour later, Lacey, the new member of the family was sniffing around the foot of our bed, and sure enough, there was Pino, wedged between the mattress and the bed frame underneath the spread.  

First reaction - Phew!  Second reaction - really Pino?  Did you have to put us through that?  My guess is that even though she doesn't mind the transport between Morningside and Hartwell, and seems perfectly happy at the lake, she still gets a little freaked, and instead of risking getting put back in the carrying case, just went to hide like the convicts from that prison escape a couple weeks ago.  Anyway, crisis averted, and next time I really won't freak out or second guess myself, I'll just assume she found an ever better hiding place and wait until she wants to eat dinner!

Come see us today.  We're busy in the kitchen with our first day of the July Gift Show Market!  Yipee.


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