Saturday, May 27, 2017

hello, metrofreshuals!

Big night tonight for my young friends Max Goldwasser and Megan Smith.  They will be married at the Galloway School at 6pm.  They're both impressive young kids, and high school sweethearts.  Max's father, Kenny, is a good old friend of ours.  I don't know what he put in his cereal growing up, but it must have been something good.  Max graduated last year from the Naval Academy and is now some sort of top secret inelegance analyst.  No kidding.  He came to work for me at the Garden many years ago while he was still in high school.  One night, shortly after opening over there, I knew I needed more staff.  We happened to be out for dinner with Kenny and Randi, and Max sat next to me.  Without even thinking, I said, "Hey Max, you want a job?  You want to start tomorrow?"  And he did.  And he worked for me for two summers.  Naturally he was a natural.  An incredibly hard worker, and lots of fun to be around.  I got to know him really well.  So when he was getting his military security clearance, and the agency interviewed me, I told them I had now reason to think he didn't love his country!  I'm quite sure he'll be married in his dress whites, and they'll be other Navy guys there in their uniforms.  I hope they walk under all those swords.  It'll be such a spectacle.  So congrats to Max and Megan as they begin their married life.

Then tomorrow I'm off to Ithaca for my god daughter Erin's wedding.  Phew!  What a weekend!

We'll be open today until 4pm.  Then I'm giving my hard working staff a couple of days off so they may enjoy the holiday weekend.  We'll be closed Sunday and Monday, but resume normal hours on Tuesday.  Come see us today on your way to Jazz fest.  Have a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend.

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