Wednesday, April 16, 2014

hello, metrofreshuals!

Really?  Did we go back to February?  Walking Schotzi last night was like taking her our in January.  Fortunately, I checked my newly planted garden this morning and it's all good.  Didn't seem to be any damage from the chill.  And I do like the crisp, bright air.  And, of course, we sell soup for a living so a couple more days of cold is always good for us!

Richie was busy buying egg coloring paraphanalia yesterday.  Since he is Vice President in Charge of MetroFresh Easter Sunday Egg Decorating, he decided that this year we'd up our game and get actual water soluable paints.  He just wasn't satisfied any longer with that PAAS dips.  And I have to agree.  PAAS egg color packages are so 1970s.  I hope you'll plan your Easter Sunday with the family around a brunch/lunch at MetroFresh.  We're going to have some fun.  The annual visit from the Easter Bunny will be between 11 and about 1:30.  She'll be painting faces and helping with egg decoration (if you she can get a paint brush away from the VP of Egg Decorating!)  The menu will include a couple Easter Sunday Brunch Specials, along with our usual delicious breakfast and lunch menu.  No reservations are required.  For the adults, we'll also be making some mimosas, sangria, and Easter Fizzy Wine Cocktails after 12:30 (when the law says we're allowed to serve.)

I'm catering a party for the City of Atlanta today so I'll be in the kitchen with Rockstar and the girls.  Give a wave if you see us!  Have a great day.


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