Sunday, December 04, 2016

hello, metrofreshuals!

Morning!  I'm in the kitchen this morning to help Rockstar out.  He has a private cooking class today, and since he's behind the griddle today, I thought I'd let him sleep in a bit.  I've put some great soups on the stove to warm you up on this drizzly day.  You should brave the cool rain and come in for brunch.  It's always warm in here!

Richie and I began our holiday tradition last night.  We got our tree at Big John's at Ansley.  It's what we do and it makes us happy.  Hard to believe, but this is our 20th Christmas tree together.  Where does the time go?  We'll light and decorate it today, build a fire, and I'm thinking of making lamb shanks for dinner.  Doesn't that sound like a perfect Sunday?  

Have a great day, and come see us.


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