Thursday, January 29, 2015

hello, metrofreshuals!

Today I seem to be bringing back the spectar of Ross (Never really had a last name) Party of Five violin teacher.  Funny thing... When we did the pilot episode, things in the wardrobe department were pretty lax.  I basically got to choose my own wardrobe and because at that time in my life looking cool on screen was a priority, I decided to wear a white tank top tee under a heavy cotton button up sweater.  The sweater was mine and really was like one of those 1950 letterman sweaters you'd see in olde tyme movies.  It was totally retro cool.  My hair was longish, and I had, what I thought for the time, was a pretty hip pair of glasses.  I liked the look.  It screamed cool violinist who probably made his living in a San Fransisco chamber group that specialized in avante garde music.

Well, the show got picked up for the first season, and suddenly Ross became "boring music teacher."  Gone was the cool factor, at least in the wardrobe - although to be honest I was never very cool in real life either.  They starded dressing me in gray flannels, button down shirts that because of the budget most likely came from Ross Dress for Less, and hideous sweater vests.  The hair was chopped and I seriously look like a youngish Mr. Rogers every time I showed up on screen.

I have a meeting this afternoon with a "self" publisher about the cookbood, and I pulled out some nice, dress for success clothes that have been hanging in the closet since our trip to San Francisco.  While somewhat hipper than the 1990's verion on Ross the Violin Teacher, I still seem to look like a professor from a small liberal arts college in New England.  Button Down Shirt, check.  Gray pants, check.  Cardigan over shirt, check.  Loafers, check.  Topped off with dark plaid wool sport coat, check.  All I need is some suade elbow patches and I could stand in for Mr. Holland (see Mr. Holland's Opus starring Richard Dreyfus if you don't know the reference.)

Anyway, I hope to steer clear on splattering soup for most of the morning, while I help the team put together some catering and before I escape to the office.  But don't worry, if you happen to see me, I'll still answer to Mitchell, you don't have to call me Mr. Anderson!

Come see us.  We, of course have a delcious menu in store for you.


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