Wednesday, July 26, 2017

hello, metrofreshuals!

Let's just talk food today, okay?  In the case is a NIcoise Red Potato Salad I made that I think is amaze-balls.  It has blanched Haricot Ver, Nicois Olives (of course) Chives and dill, a little shaved shallot, and sprinkled in there some hard boiled egg with a lemon Vinaigrette.  YUM.  And my cold soups, perfect for a HOT day are really good too.  Fresh Tomato Gazpacho with just the right amount of spiciness, and a Chilled Ginger Watermelon Cucumber Soup with Lemon Grass and Green Onions.  Both super refreshing.  You should at least try all three of these featured items.  Rockstar has one more night in the kitchen for the vacationing Miguel, so you know the drill.  Check back around 3pm for his specials.

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