Tuesday, May 22, 2018

hello, metrofreshuals!

Morning.  So after much internal debate, we have decided that we'll do what we always do on Memorial Day Weekend and give the staff a break!  They work hard and having a couple days in a row off is nice for them.  With that we will be closing at 4pm on Saturday and reopen Tuesday at 7am!  It'll be a chance for your MetroFreshuals to recharge and rejuvinate.  

Plan on coming by Friday night to kick off your holiday weekend with our Friday Night Tacos!  We're doing our best each week to source lobster.  This week's try will be actual lobster tails out of the shell and into a taco.  So along with a beef of some sort and a fish of some sort, will be an honest to goodness Lobster Tail Taco!  YUM.  Richie and I will be here to enjoy them, because how could you not?

Have a great day and come see us.

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