Wednesday, July 18, 2018

hello, metrofreshuals!

I'm going to admit it here and now.  We watch too much TV.  After long, hard and busy days, we're basically your cliched American Couch Potatoes.  Most of the time the TV we watch is pretty inane.  Once in a while we'll do a Netflix search for a specific kind of movie and stumble on something good - like we did the other night.  Check out this British Film called "Handsome Devil."  It's a little movie about a private school in England that is obsessed with Rugby and a couple students who are coming to terms with who they are.  It's sweet, sometimes funny, and kind of moving at the end.  Nothing earth shattering, but a nice diversion from America's Got Talent (and CNN.)

And then the other night, I happened to look at the HBO listings - yes we actually pay every month for HBO and rarely watch it.  As it happened, it was the night the new Robin Williams documentary was premiering.  You have to see this.  What a beautiful movie.  You can tell the documentary was made with such love in telling Robin's story.  You get how brilliant, hilarious, kind and ultimately troubled he was.  And you get from those around him, telling his story, how much they loved him.  Don't you always wonder what people would say about you after your death if they made a doc about you?  In the story of my life if people are half as warm, kind and loving about me as they were about Robin Williams, I will know (from up there!) that I lived a good life.  For nearly 30 years, Robin Williams, the comic genius entertained us.  But for more than 60 years he lived a beautiful life surrounded by people who loved him in spite of (or maybe because of) his flaws, insecurities, and demons.

There you have it.  Two recommendations for couch potato living in one daily MetroFresh blog!  Enjoy!  I'll be absent from school (work) tomorrow as I visit the oral surgeon for what I hope is the last time in my epic journey for a couple of tooth implants.  If all goes well I will have my second and final piece of steel by this time tomorrow.  I'll be back at work on Friday, assuming all goes well.  Wish me luck.

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