Saturday, August 01, 2015

hello, metrofreshuals!

You just have to love Miss Terry.  She's one of our favorite "regulars."  She's been hounding me for the last two weeks about her favorite of our gazpachos - the black cherry variety.  It's the best, she says, of all the gazpachos we make.  I kept intending to let Rockstar know of this demand (I'd say request, but Miss Terry is quite insistant!)  I've never made it... Until today.  I did my version and you know what?  It's pretty darned good.  So for all you lovers of Black Cherry Gazpacho, today's your day!

Also available today is some delicious lobster salad in the grab and go case.  Sorry for the price, but Lobster is SO expensive!  Take some home and serve it tonight on a cracker or make your own Lobster Roll - YUM.

Come see us.  It's a great Saturday at "The Fresh."


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