Wednesday, October 22, 2014

hello, metrofreshuals!

Don't you just love this weather?  These are my perfect days.  There's nothing like a nice chilly morning that gives way to a temperate afternoon.  Ah... Autumn!

Today's menu features a couple greats.  Instead of our usual Tuna Salad we did a great fresh Trout Salad with Frisee, Mushrooms, Hearts of Palm and Nappa Cabbage.  Try it.  Something new.  And I'm planning on a bowl of Lamb and Bison Goulash!  I'm just sayin.  

Come in and spend a meal with us.  It's going to be a great MetroFresh morning.  Gotta go.  I have a meeting with a couple nice ladies who are planning a ladies luncheon.  I love ladies luncheons.


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