Thursday, March 23, 2017

hello, metrofreshuals!

Really, doesn't it seem like this year is already flying by?  I'm looking at the calendar, and I can't believe the first quarter is almost over.  It's cliche to say time accelerates as you get older.  But let's face it, it really does.  I happen to be noticing this phenomena because next Wednesday I leave for NYC to shoot my little web series.  I'm excited, but I'm also just a tad nervous - both about leaving my family and my business for an extended period of time, and  climbing back onto the acting saddle again.  When the whole thing came up, in the beginning of last year, when I said to my friend Kevin, "Sure, sounds like fun, I'll do it!" the proposed shoot was SO FAR off.  I didn't really give it a second thought.  I even felt like there was a good chance it would never happen given how difficult it is to raise money for something like this.  So then, when there was a firm start date, it still seemed like it was in the distant future.  Now, it's just next week.  We start principle photography a week from tomorrow!  It's really happening. 

So the month of April will be interesting for my entire kitchen staff, with Poppa gone for the bulk of the first two weeks, and then Rockstar and Sarah going on vacation as soon as I get back.  That part is good timing, at least for the Rock, since after covering for me for two weeks, he's going to need some time off!  Fortunately, I have the greatest staff in the world and everyone will step up to the plate, working overtime to make my little vanity project happen.  It's awesome and you know I appreciate it.  

Slow time a bit today and come visit us at MetroFresh.  We'll warm you up on this cool spring day with soup, good humor, and smiles!  Have a great day.

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