Thursday, November 27, 2014

hello, metrofreshuals!

Good morning everyone and Happy Thanksgiving from a chilly Vero Beach, FL.  The sun is, in fact out, and I expect the thermometer will climb higher than it's current 45 (really?  It's Florida) but I doubt there will be much swimming in the blue Atlantic.  Although, in the still fairly cold late afternoon yesterday, my neice/god child Ameilia couldn't resist jumping in the pool, which thankfully is apparently heated.  She came down from Buffalo, so you can imagine just being in a place with green grass and a pool was impossible to resist.

The family continues to trickle in, with Heidi and her family getting here later this afternoon before our Thanksgiving dinner.  Dinner this year will not, in fact be traditional.  While we will have turkey, stuffing, gravy and mashed potatoes, it won't be at home.  Since M and D now live in a nice, but smallish "villa" at their retirement community, the family, which will total 27 by the time everyone gets here tonight,, just won't fit.  We'll be dining at the Dockside, my parents twice a week haunt  accross the river.  And you know what?  I'm thankful for that.  We get to have a full day enjoying one another's comapany right here at the motel, and then just show up at the Dockside, where the nice people there will take care of us just like they do to mom and dad all year.

On that note, I think I'd like to focus this short Thanksgiving message on those that offer kindness to others - wherever that may be.  My parent's care givers come to mind, and, of coure, the sweet wait staff at the Dockside.  

Cilla, my "sister," really one of our oldest family friends, who arrived yesterday to join the Anderson family weekend with her recently widowed father, my sweet Uncle George, told me this great story last night.  

Uncle George is a couple years older than my dad, but, except for a few slight lingering effects from a stroke a couple years ago, is in great shape.  (Last night just before bed, he was wondering who was going to run with him this morning...)  Aunt Ginny passed away in July and naturally, he's been devistatingly sad.  But he's still cheerful, fun, and funny - just like he always was.  Anyway, Uncle George boarded a plane in Buffalo a couple months ago, solo, to go visit his other daughter Martha in Boulder.  There was a change of planes in Cleveland. As I said, George is in great shape, but at his age, things can get confusing,  hell, at any age, they can get confusing.  So there was a little trepidtation about him flying alone to Denver.

The trip out was easy peasy, and he had no problem.  Coming home, however, there was a significant delay on take off, and a very good change he was going to miss his connection in Cleveland.  Well, as is his nature, Uncle George had "worked the room" and gotten to be friendly with a couple from Cleveland, who just took over.  Cilla received a call from a number she didn't recognise and a woman she'd never met.  Let's call her Charlotte.  She told Cilla about the potential for a missed connection, but not to worry, they had everything under control and promised to actually take Uncle George home with them if he got stuck at the airport.  

I tell you this story, because sometimes we simply forget that kindness, random, sweet, unexepected kindness, really does exist in this world.  In a world of turmoil, when the news you watch every day is all about tragedy, violence and hatred, it's nice to be reminded that simple kindness is not dead.  

I'm sincerely thankful for all the people in my life who remind me every day that life is sweet.  Happy Thanksgiving to my MetroFreshuals out there, and Happy Birthday to Quint Anderson - born on Thanksgiving Day - November 27, 1930.

We will be closed today and tomorrow.  See you on Saturday morning when Rockstar reopens for breakfast at 8am.


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