Wednesday, September 02, 2015

hello, metrofreshuals!

You're going to see a couple new faces around here in the next couple of days. Sarah has been busy hiring.  We're saying goodbye to three of our most valued employees over the next few weeks.  All three are moving on to pursue life outside of MetroFresh.  In know, is there life outside of MetroFresh?  While I'm sorry to see them go, I'm happy they have made the decision to move on when the time felt right to them.  I totally understand that MetroFresh isn't the endgame for most of my guys.  They shouldn't stay here forever, rather, when they should be off pursuing other interests and getting experience in other environments.  Still, it's always hard.  We think we've got a couple very capable replacements.  So when you see a new face, please be sure to introduce yourself.  

Book news...  It's done!  I've approved the final draft and it will be going to the printers later today for a test run.  Once they finish that in a few days or so, I'll get a last chance to make any changes and then the print run will be done.  This, surprisingly, is only going to take about 7 days.  So I'm on target for my beginning of October release!  We're going to have a discussion today about the anniversary/release party and I'll be announcing it in a day or so.  OMG - I can barely contain my excitement.  When I got the final draft yesterday, and I realized the process is almost done, I almost burst into tears.  It truly is like birthing a baby!

And speaking of babies.  We're having a little baby shower for our own Yukari, who's due in a few weeks.  She's coming in at 4:30 today.  If you're around, stop by and say hi.  You don't usually see her, but she's our most bubbly, happy employee, who always keeps of laughing in the kitchen.  We've been missing her since she left on leave, but making do.  She'll be back in December - hopefully!  Have a great day, and come see us.  Chicken Posole Soup on the menu - YUM!


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