Wednesday, April 26, 2017

hello, metrofreshuals!

Boy did I learn my lesson yesterday afternoon around 5pm.  In the, hopefully temporary, new normal of the Morningside/Lennox Park Atlanta neighborhood, yesterday at rush hour was cray cray.  Richie and I had talked about going to support The Colonade because they've experience a decline in business with Cheshire Bridge being the new I-85.  But then we thought, as we often do, let's stay home and grill.  Without really thinking, I got in the car to head to the LaVista Publix for a couple of fillet mignons, and just as soon as I turned the corner onto Cheshire Bridge, I thought, "What have I done?"  Realizing it would have taken me a couple hours to get to the grocery store and back, I baled at Faulkener.  And even though that's only 1 block from our street, it took about 20 minutes to get home!  So we eneded up going back to plan "A" and headed out for a delicious Fried Chicken and Fried Shrimp dinner at Atlanta's Landmark Meat and Three!  It was delicious.  Tonight I'll be wiser and if I want to cook at home I'll pre-shop!

I got a text from Rockstar yesterday saying exactly the words you want to hear after a trip, "Best vacation ever!  So happy that we're coming home!"  Should all their travel go well, they will be comfortably back in their West Side townhouse this evening and back at work tomorrow morning.  I can't wait to hear the tales and sample the tastes of Barcelona.  You know Rockstar is bringing back a wealth of new ideas.

Just a reminder, Friday is "Doggies on the Catwalk" day at MetroFresh.  We're donating 10% of our day to help get Richie over his goal of $2500 to support Canine Assistance.  Plan on Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner here on Friday.  We'll be partying with y'all on Friday night with a Low Country Boil!  If you can't make it but can support Richie on his walk down the Catwalk, donate directly.  Here's the link..

Great menu today.  Try the couscous salad!  It's a little ridiculously good.  And if you like cold soups, you'll want to have the Avocado!  

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