Thursday, November 20, 2014

hello, metrofreshuals!

Sad news this morning about the passing of famed director and comedian Mike Nichols.  You know?  He was one of those people I always wanted to meet.  My friend Steve Levitt, who's a screen writer and former actor in LA, intorduced me to the hilarious recordings of Nichols and May.  His partnership with the loopy Elaine May was comic heaven.  If you ever get a chance to dig them up, do!  I wonder if they're avaialbe in a CD box set.  Can you say stocking stuffer, Richie?  

I liked what they said about him on GMA this morning.  Of course, since he has been married to Diane Sawyer for more than 30 years, they knew him really well.  They said he was the kind of person that made you feel funnier and smarter in his presence.  Ah.  That's the kind of praise that make life worth living.  To have someone say that about you when you die... that's achievement.  

In an interesting twist of menu fate, Rockstar has Chicken Tortilla Soup AND Chicken Tortilla Salad together on the menu.  Theme anyone?  Both are, of course, delicious.

We've decided, as you can probably tell, that we're not going to do Thanksgiving sides this year.  However, I am going to make Cranberry Pomegranite  Relish that will be available for sale in the case after tomorrow until next Wednesday.  We're also going to do a few items on the Tuesday and Wednesday regular menu that will go great on your Thanksgiving table.  Look for Butternut Squash Soup, some kind of Brussels Sprouts Salad, and a wild rice salad delciousness.  We'll make these avaiable for you in two sizes - 4-5 servings for $22.50, 8-10 servings for $40.   Cranberry Relish will be $8/pint.  If you happen to know already that you want to reserve a bowl or a pint, give us a call.

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