Wednesday, November 22, 2017

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  While it's been quite a challenging 14 or 15 months for the Anderson family with the loss of both my parents, we have so much to be thankful for, not the least of which is the amazing legacy mom and dad left to all of us.  My siblings and I, throughout our lives, had the blessing of loving and supportive parents.  They taught us so much about life, love, generosity and kindness.  They showed us what a life well lived looks like, and you really can't ask for more.  We miss them every day, but in everything I do, I feel their presence.  Just yesterday, as I was preparing 37 sides of sausage stuffing, a recipe my Nana passed to my mom, I couldn't help but see mom in the kitchen making the stuffing and sneaking bites every so often when she thought no one was looking.  There was just something about that savory, herby, buttery stuffing, even cold that was irresistible.  She "sampled" so much along the way, we always teased her that there would be not enough to stuff the bird.  Dad was always in charge of the turkey.  On the cover of the very "dog eared" JOY OF COOKING, was a hand written record of the turkey's weight and cook time each year.  Dad was precise, and most years, the turkey was perfect.  

So I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday.  We'll be closed tomorrow AND Friday so come in today and stock up on soup.  And, Rockstar just informed me the there is quite a bit of the Farro Salad and the Kale Salad in the back walk in.  If you'd like to add either of these to your Thanksgiving table, we're happy to serve you up a small bowl which will feed about 5 or so people for just $20.  Ask your server at the counter!

We're open until 9pm today!  Come see us for lunch or dinner!

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