Friday, July 25, 2014

hello, metrofreshuals!

I can't be sure but it's possible either Rockstar or my produce company is trying to gaslight me.  Our order arrived this morning and it was most unusual.  Serveral items, like 3 bags of parsnips and 50 lbs of granola?  Hm, I thought, what is the Rock* planning?  Then I got to the two cases of corn tortillas (it would take us 1.5 years to go through that many corn tortillas) and I was sure there was something afoot.  I contacted Rockstar and he swears he didn't order 3 huge bags of parsnips, so I can only assume that there was some interesting glitch in our on-line ordering system.  Anyway, it was totally cray!

And add to that I feel awful this morning.  No, not because I'm sick, but because yesterday afternoon I darkened the doors of LA Fitness for the first time in about 5 years.  This is my week to get back into some sort of physical activity that doesn't involve standing over a cutting board with a 12 inch chef's knife.  Tennis a few days and then weights yesterday.  I knew I'd be sore, no matter what I did, but really?  Do I have to feel like I was run over by a truck?  It's a little embarrassing if you want to know the truth since I was doing VERY light weights.  I even did reps with just the bar and no weights at all.  Isn't that how old men work out?

Anyway, you have to start somewhere.  And at the very least, I'm not a big fat blob.  I weigh in at a very respectable number given my advanced age.  I actually think I weighed more when I was in college than I do now.  

Ok, so I'm on all day and night.  Since Rockstar has the day off and Tio Miguel is tending to the new baby - it's the first week's check up - I'm on for Taco Night.  I'm doing Lobster, Steak and Mahi tacos with Cabbage, Pico de Gallo and Cotija cheese.  Mine will be slightly different than Tio's.  I can only hope they'll be as good!  Richie will be here, so come keep us company.  Have a great day.  Oh, BTW - Chicken Matzo Ball in on the menu today.  


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