Thursday, September 20, 2018

hello, metrofreshuals!

Hi everyone.  It's me again. 

Quick update on Mitchell:  He's on the mend, surgery went splendidly.  Defying doctor's orders, He'll no doubt be trying to walk on his leg within the week.  If he shows up here, I'm going to hit him with a tranquilizer dart.  Just kidding,  I don't plan to see him anytime soon... But if you see him walking his dogs around the neighborhood, you know what to do. wink  

On the menu today there are two main things worth mentioning:

1. BLT Pasta salad.  It's the stuff of legends.

2. Curry Seafood Stew.  It's becoming one of the most popular soups we do around here. 

The rest is gravy.

Come and see us ya'll!

xoxoXo (I threw a big kiss in at the end)



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