Monday, March 02, 2015

hello, metrofreshuals!

First of all, our heart and soul is celebrating a birthday today.  When you come in, wish PJ a happy one!

Seconnd of all... OperaFresh was EPIC.  It really was great.  The restaurant was transformed into an Italian Trattoria with Chianti Bottles for candle holders, Red Checked Table cloths, and a staff in Striped Gondolier shirts with red bandanas!  No kidding.  It was a little like being at Asti's in NYC in the 70s.  Daniel Solber, our friend and pianist extraodinair, brought three amazingly talented Opera students from Georgia State.  They were incredible.  I even got into the act with an Italian Art Song I resurrected from my distant past as a performer.  And Richie led the crowd in a rousing rendition of THAT'S AMORE!

There's something special about owning a restaurant that does this.  Everyone of my staff gets behind it.  Thanks especially to Rockstar, who not only worked a long brunch shift, but came back and helped me in the kitchen.  And Martina and Yukari, who work so hard preparing all your food, who came to pitch in as well.  But really, it just makes me smile to think we can bring people together and give them something a little out of the ordinary once in a while.  My friend Randi Layne was sitting next to Richie.  I looked over at them after the three singers opened with this amazing number, and both Randi and Richie had tears in their eyes.  I think it's what I love most about MetroFresh.  Those special moments, when joy bring tears.  

Stay tuned for the next "special" MetroFresh Sunday Meal.  Most likely in June.

Come see us today.  We'll warm you up with PJ's love and great soups!


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