Catering FAQ


  1.  Do you do full service events?
    • Yes. While MetroFresh is not a catering company per se, we have, over the years developed many clients who have hired us to do parties up to 350 people. We generally do buffets for dinners or heavy appetizers.
    • On Site Labor and any rental costs are a pass through to the client. Generally speaking for full service events, labor and rental costs add $8-$20/person depending on the specific needs of the party.
    • MetroFresh can do “stations” but generally we don’t do plated meals.
  2. What kind of events have you done in the past?
    • MetroFresh has catered many different kinds of parties. We have done wedding receptions for up to 350 people, bar/bat mitzvahs, baby showers, wedding anniversaries, wine openings, office receptions and holiday parties. We have worked in homes, rental facilities, and of course, the Atlanta Botanical Garden.
  3. Do you have a minimum order for special event catering?
    • Yes – $500 for food only. Labor and rental costs are not included in the minimum.
    • There is a 10 person minimum for lunch catering – boxed lunches or buffet.
  4. Do you have an ordering deadline for lunch catering and boxed lunches?
    • Yes - special order lunches or Boxed lunches must be ordered at least 48 hours in advance.
  5. Do you provide décor for parties?
    • Generally, we do not provide décor other than linens and limited floral for the buffet set up. However, MetroFresh has a relationship with a freelance decorator with whom we have worked in the past.
  6. Do you provide alcohol for parties?
    • MetroFresh will provide bartenders as part of our full on-site service, however we do not purchase alcohol for clients. Parties in which alcohol is served, the client will be responsible for purchasing all alcohol.
    • Except in special circumstances and for an addition fee, MetroFresh DOES NOT PROVIDE ICE. Ice will be furnished by the client.
    • MetroFresh is happy to consult on alcohol choices and amounts with the client.
    • Barware will be provided through the rental company upon request. Cost will be passed along to the client.
  7. Do you provide linens, china, silverware? What’s the cost involved?
    • Yes. MetroFresh works with TLC rents when rental items are called for. Generally speaking for a full array of linens, china, glassware, tableware etc. the client can expect a per person charge of $8-$15+ which is solely a pass through cost to the client.


  1. Can I order individualized boxed lunches?
    • Boxed lunches may not be “individualized” with the exception of dietary needs like vegetarian, no dairy, gluten free etc. All boxed lunches will contain a half sandwich, a chef’s choice side, a cup of soup, a roll and a cookie. Boxes will be marked “Veggie” for all vegetarian contents.
  2. Can I change the make-up of boxed lunches?
    • Generally speaking, No. Boxed lunches are priced to include a half sandwich, cup of soup, side salad, cookie and a roll. However, if you’d like to change the content make up (substituting fruit for soup, for example) there will be a slight price adjustment.
    • There will be a price adjustment for boxed lunches that omit one item. However, minimum per box lunch is $10/lunch.
  3. Do you cater to special diets?
    • Yes. When ordering, please let us know of your special dietary needs and we will create a menu that honors those needs.
  4. Do you offer tastings?
    • No. Since we are not a traditional catering company, and our menus change with each client, we do not offer tastings of proposed menus. We encourage the client to try out one of our restaurants to get an idea of who we are and what our approach to food is. We’re happy to meet you when you come in – we love to talk food!
  5. Do you have sample menus?
    • We don’t have sample menus. MetroFresh creates menus individually according to each client’s needs and desires. We recreate favorites, but also find new and exciting menu items that represent our philosophy that food should never be boring. We will suggest a menu that fits in your budget. We will ask you specific questions about what kinds of foods you would like to see on your menu, what kind of budget you are working with, and how elaborate you would like the menu to be. From there, we have no rules!


Ordering & Payment

  1. Is there a delivery charge?
    • No delivery charge is assessed for normal lunch catering – Monday through Friday between 11am and 2pm within a five mile radius of our Midtown store. We cannot deliver to Buckhead locations, and for orders under $400 we do not deliver outside our 5 mile radius. There is a $20 delivery charge for drop off orders before 11am and after 2pm.
    • A delivery and set-up charge is added to special event catering that does not require on-site staff.
  2. Do you accept credit cards for catering orders? Do you require a deposit?
    • We accept Credit Card payments for orders under $500. For orders over $500 we accept checks – or we can accept credit cards with an additional 3% fee to cover our merchant costs.
    • For lunch catering we require a credit card to secure the order, however, if you’d like to pay with a check, we are more than happy to invoice you via email. Lunch orders must be paid in full at the time of delivery.
    • For special event catering, we will send a detailed contract. A 50% cash deposit is required at the time the contract is signed to secure the event. Payment in full is expected within seven days of event completion.
  3. I’m working with a limited budget, are there ways you can accommodate me?
    • There are ways the MetroFresh can work within a budget. The best way for us to begin a dialogue is for the client to know about how much they want to spend. If we think we can fit within that budget, we will work on a proposal.


  1.  Do you have references?
    • References are available on request.

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